Oral Presentation First Malaria World Congress 2018

Malaria elimination process in China  (#31)

Qi Gao 1
  1. Jiangsu Institute of Parasitic Diseases, Wuxi, JIANGSU, China

Malaria elimination process in China

Professor Gao Qi

Chair of National malaria elimination experts committee, China


China use to be high endemic country with more than 30 millions malaria cases in 1970. China has carried out national malaria elimination project since 2010 and the target is to eliminate malaria in 2020.

1.      Political support & Multi-sector cooperation

13 Ministries singed National Malaria Elimination plan. Government, CDCs, Institutes and NGOs involved malaria elimination activities in different levers. Public and clinical sections work together for case management and reporting.

2.      Increased financial support

 Malaria elimination budget from central government, local government and Rural areas public health care funding increased since 2010.

3.      Strengthen abilities/facilitates for elimination

Established Real-time web-based case reporting system and Malaria Diagnostic Reference Laboratory Network

4.      Technical support for elimination in China

Established individual case and foci based “1-3-7” New strategy for malaria elimination

5.      Cooperation between China-WHO and China-GMS countries

Strengthening 3 defending lines in border areas in Yunnan province to block local transmission and establish WHO Collaborative Centre for research and training of malaria elimination

   Up to 2017, there is no indigenous case reported in China and 95% counties reach sub-national ratification and 4-6 provinces will send application for provincial sub-national ratification.