Oral Presentation First Malaria World Congress 2018

Nikkei Asian conference on communicable diseases: unprecedented innovative public-private-academia platform for Japan’s contribution to malaria elimination   (#62)

Chika Saito 1
  1. Malaria No More Japan, Chiyoda-ku, TOKYO, Japan

Nikkei Asian Conference on Communicable Diseaseswas was established in 2014 in recognition that the threats of communicable diseases are ever increasing as seen in the major outbreaks of SARS and novel avian influenza etc., and that response to such threats requires efforts by the entire global society in the era of development of global economy.

Nikkei Asian Conference is an annual conference organized by Nikkei Inc. – one of the leading Japanese media companies with newspaper businesses as its core. It is an innovative platform for Public-Private Partnership (PPP), where stakeholders across sectors including government officials, academia, research institutions, private companies as well as international/regional organizations get together to share information and discuss/agree on concrete and practical actions.

Malaria Consortium was launched in 2016 as part of the Asian Medical Innovation Consortium (AMIC) of the Conference, in order for Japan to contribute in acceleration of malaria elimination through maximum use of Japan’s technologies of excellence. Since its establishment, Malaria Consortium, with participation of more than 70 people from 27 organizations, has been taking a comprehensive approach bringing together the following three key areas: Diagnosis, Vector Control, and Drug Development.

Two Task Forces, Asia Task Force and Africa Task Force, have been set up in the Consortium to make region-specific contributions. In addition, it has established external network with international and regional entities including World Health Organization(WHO), UNITAID, and Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance (APLMA) as well as research institution and universities.

Thus, Malaria Consortium of the Nikkei Asian Conference is an unprecedented innovative platform bringing together the efforts of the entire Japan – Public Sector, Private Sector and Academia, in order to make concrete actions with tangible results contributing to Malaria Elimination/Eradication, in addition to bundle strong commitment by each actor.