Poster Presentation First Malaria World Congress 2018

Malaria in children  (#226)

Drusila Atassem 1
  1. NHS, Kettering, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, United Kingdom


Malaria for decades has been one of the leading causes of death in Africa and the most vulnerable population is children aged five years and below.Cameroon  according to UNICEF is ranked 18th of the 20 countries in the world with the highest mortality rate for children under the age of five. Figures from WHO in 2016 shows that they were 216 million cases which led to the death of 440000 and of whicg 70% were children aged five and below,bringing the death toll to 800 children daily.


Cameroon is an African country located in the West of Africa.Cameroon mainly has two seasons the rainning seasons and the dry seasons.The health system in Cameroon is not the best .IN 2012 working for my nursing exams i worked in a community hospital in Bambui in the North West Region of Cameroon.During my 3 months stay i decided to collect data for our patients who came to the hospital.We had over 200 patients with 80 % being children aged five and below.They came in predominantly with malaria and some of the kids were HIV positive which made their own situation complicated.


From the 200 cases which we had,80 % of the population were children aged five and below.From the 80 percent,35 percent passed away and 45 percent of the kids  were saved.And of the 35 %,10% were borned with HIV which made their situation complicated.


With the alarming number of death rate,i went into the community to realised that more kids died and their death was not recorded because nobody was informed and their parents or sponsors decided to self treat.Most of the people did not have insecticide treated nets and more still needs to be done in educating,allivating and fighting malaria.