Poster Presentation First Malaria World Congress 2018

Treatment of drug resistant malaria cases with a herbo mineral drug in india (#386)

Prakash Tahiliani 1
  1. Prime Ever Ayurvedic Research Laboratories (PEARL), Navsari, GUJARAT, India

History regarding anti-malarial drugs’ failure is now clearly evident. Latest anti-malarial drugs Artemisinin derivatives & ACTs are also becoming ineffective in malaria endemic countries (Dr Charlie Woodrow et al. Lancet, Feb.2015, D L Saunders, The Infectious Diseases, Lancet, June 2015). Looking into current scenario of anti-malarial drug resistance, a herbo-mineral anti-malarial formulation prepared from traditional herbs & minerals of India was tried for the treatment of drug resistant cases of malaria in an attempt to find out some novel & effective anti-malarial drug.  .

In an observational cohort study, a herbo-mineral drug has been tried in 60 cases of Drug Resistant Malaria during the year 2009 to 2013, in India. Patients studied included some children, pregnant women & G6PD deficient persons also apart from other adult persons.

Only the patients showing resistance to Chloroquine & Artemether + Lumefantrine combination therapy (ACT) / Arteether / Artesunate were included for study.

Every patient was given 3 days’ indoor treatment with herbo-mineral drug. Pulse Rate & Temperature was monitored 6 hourly. Blood smear for parasite was examined at 12 hours, 24 hours, 30 hours, Day-5, Day-30 & Day-60.

Fever Clearance Time observed was 30 to 48 hours in 98% cases of P. falcipaum & 94% cases of P. vivax. Parasite Clearance Time observed was 12 to 30 hours in about 98% cases of P. falciparum & about 94% cases of P. vivax. None of the successfully treated patients got recurrence in next 8 months’ time.

There was no intolerance / adverse reaction to the herbal drug.

It is recommended further to explore the potential of this herbo-mineral drug as an anti-malarial drug, if we can get a promising novel drug from natural products, developed scientifically by cost & time effective approach of Reverse Pharmacology.