Poster Presentation First Malaria World Congress 2018

A survey on asymptomatic malaria by make a use of microscopy in Helmand province, Afghanistan (#462)

Moqadas Mosavi 1 2
  1. Surgery Department, Istiqlal Hospital, Kabul, Afghanistan
  2. Medical Faculty, Khatam Ul Nabeen Medical University, Kabul, Afghanistan

       Background: The protozoan parasites named plasmodium are causative agent of
Malaria which transmitted by infected mosquitos. Malaria is one of important public health
problems in Afghanistan. Asymptomatic malaria is a hindrance in front of elimination
strategies. This survey is a cross sectional and descriptive study for evaluation of
asymptomatic malaria among the native and new residents in the Lashkargah city, Helmand
province in 2017.
       Methods: After collecting 300 blood samples, the thick and thin smear prepared and
sained with Geimsa. The participants' data were collected in a questionnaire and informed
agreements were taken.
       Results: In general, among the 300 surveyed individuals, 152 were male (50.7%) and
148 were female (49.3%). And in this study, 9 people (3%) were infected with malaria that
includes 6 female (66.7%) and 3 males (33.3%). The Plasmodium falciparum were detected
in all infected individuals. Out of 9 infected people, 7, were natives of Helmand province and
2 of were from other provinces who were living in the Helmand province.
       Conclusion: In conclusion Asymptomatic Malaria in presented by a prevalence of 3%
in Helmand province of Afghanistan.
Key words: Asymptomatic Malaria, Plasmodium, Helmand, Afghanisatn