Poster Presentation First Malaria World Congress 2018

0010 View over Shin Hkaung Village Tract, Khaunglanhpu Township: This S-shaped road leads to Shin Hkaung. The only asphalt road in Kachin Special Region 1 is in Pangwa town centre, and it is only 100m long. 0020  In front of the church in Tsawlaw Township: A villager is communicating by walkie talkie because there is no landline or mobile network. The range of a walkie talkie is about 10 km. Messages must be passed on several times if they need to be sent more than 10km.  1005 Dr. Zhang Jun (Regional Director of HPA’s East Asia Program Office): Balancing on a tree trunk to cross a cliff during a monitoring visit with an HPA field team. 1007,1008   Li Bixian and Khao Ze (HPA malaria field workers):  Crossing a rattan bridge, which is only wide enough for one person, during a supervision trip to visit Village Malaria Volunteers. Many project villages in this area cannot be accessed by road, and it can take a 1-2 day’s walk to reach them. 1029 Shin Hkaung Village Tract, Khaunglanhpu Township: A member of HPA’s outreach team is pricking a boy’s finger to get blood for a rapid malaria test. 1030 Shin Hkaung Village Tract, Khaunglanhpu Township: The outreach service is conducted in the local priest’s house. 1070  Khao Ze (HPA Community Mobiliser): Khao Ze loves music and uses songs to communicate malaria information. He has added malaria prevention messages to a hymn that is sung in the local church and is teaching the song to the church choir. 2004 Yong Tsawi, a 25-year old Village Malaria Volunteer in Kyan Htan Village, Phimaw Township: Yong Tsawi is also a teacher in the local church. She is in front of her dormitory carrying malaria registers and stationaries n her baskets. 2008 Chaung Nyoi, 26-year-old Village Malaria Volunteer, from the village of Gaw Mau: Each November, when the weather is better and the May Hka River is calm, Chaung Nyoi crosses the river on a bamboo raft and walks across the forest for 2 hours to submit the malaria registers for her village to HPA. 1041,1042  Chong Noi crossing May Hka River in a bamboo raft. 2013 Li Bixian (Deputy Manager of HPA’s Pangwa Office) and Khao Ze (Community Mobiliser): Taking a rest on the way to a program site. Li Bixian was the first woman to work in HPA’s Pangwa Office (“And the only one for a long time.”, she says). Most villages in their program area can only be reached on foot, so they spend the entire day walking. This is Li’s seventh year with HPA. 2014 Tian Yanghui (Manager of HPA’s Pangwa Office): Talking to an officer at a border guard check point. Tian Yanghui has worked for HPA in Kachin Special Region 1 for seven years. Since the establishment of the Pangwa Office, they have experienced armed conflict, a changing governance system and unstable situation, but they have never stopped their work. 2015 Dr. Zhang Jun (Regional Director of HPA’s East Asia Program Office): Having lunch during a monitoring visit to May Hka River with a field team.   The border area between Khaunglanhpu Township and China: This mountainous area is at an altitude of over 3,000m. The only route to access the area is covered by heavy snow from December to May. When there is no snow, it takes a day to climb over the mountain and another 10 days on foot to reach the nearest township, Puta-O. (#448)

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