Oral Presentation First Malaria World Congress 2018

Mapping, surveillance and LMIS - overlaying data sources in Asia Pacific with Tupaia (#170)

Erin Nunan 1
  1. Tupaia, Thornbury, VIC, Australia

Tupaia is a data aggregation, analysis and visualisation tool for mapping health systems in Asia-Pacific. It syncs data from multiple sources, including LMIS (e.g. mSupply), HIS (e.g. DHIS2) and mobile data collection apps to present an overall picture of a national health system. Overlaying data sources allows senior health staff and program managers to track diseases such as malaria, combining real-time surveillance data with real-time commodity availability and usage. This allows them to better target their response and allocate scarce resources. Tupaia plans to expand this to include environmental health and patient-level electronic medical records.