Win Han Oo First Malaria World Congress 2018

Win Han Oo

Dr Win Han Oo is a medical doctor as well as a program manager in Burnet Institute, Myanmar (BIMM) who has been managing variety of projects to fight against infectious diseases focusing on Malaria and Tuberculosis. He has been a focal for coordination, communication, advocacy, business development and fund raising, and government relations for BIMM since 2013. He is also a research fellow in Burnet Institute taking different positions in Burnet Institute led researches. He holds the alumni advisor position in Deboer Fellowship Alumni Council that is working for sustainable development of Myanmar from different perspectives. He is also an EC member of Myanmar Scholarship Alumni Association serving in the leading role to drive the association forward. Dr Win Han Oo obtained MBBS degree from University of Medicine 2 (Yangon), Master of Public Health (Global Health) from Thammasat University (Thailand) and is currently doing his PhD in Public Health in Deakin University (Australia). Correspondence: Win Han Oo: 226,4th Floor, U Wisara Road, Wizaya Plaza, Bahan Township, Yangon:

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