Thomas Burkot First Malaria World Congress 2018

Thomas Burkot

Professor Burkot's career has focussed on improving how the insect vectors of human diseases, particularly malaria, are monitored and controlled. His team conducts basic research on the ecology and biology of the malaria vectors in the Solomon Islands in partnership the national malaria control program. The team is also evaluating two novel interventions to control malaria. Dr Burkot also orchestrates the work of 8 institutions and universities in the USA and Europe that form the Vector Ecology and Control Network (VECNet), which is creating an analytical framework for the analyses of the effectiveness of vector control strategies by creating a digital library in which all known data on malaria is assembled together with the means to parameterize multiple mathematical models with the data in the library, with the process being facilitated by intuitive user-friendly software. VECNet is currently undertaking analyses using geo- and temporally specific data in the Solomon Islands, Kenya and Mozambique.

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