Sabine Dittrich First Malaria World Congress 2018

Sabine Dittrich

Dr Sabine Dittrich is heading the work on Malaria & Fever at FIND, after previously developing and leading the work on non-malarial fevers for the organization. Combining the malaria and fever portfolios reflects Sabine’s passion for addressing holistically the burden of fever in tropical settings. She has a strong background in malaria and non-malarial research and has spent 5 years in the Lao PDR as a principle investigator with the University of Oxford to study non-malarial fevers, particularly bacterial vector-borne infections, and to evaluate and develop innovative diagnostic tools in a hospital setting in South East Asia. Sabine completed a PhD at the University of Manchester (UK) studying the folate pathway of the malaria parasite and subsequently completed a fellowship with the European CDC on public health microbiology (EPIET/EUPHEM), based at the Dutch National Institute of Public Health. She has published extensively in the field of malaria and non-malarial fevers with NEJM, Lancet GH, EID, Malaria Journal and other relevant journals.

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