Rainier Escalada First Malaria World Congress 2018

Rainier Escalada

Dr. Rainier Escalada is the Advisor on Malaria Policy, Advocacy, and Capacity Building at PAHO/WHO. He joined the organization as Technical Officer on Malaria in 2005, coordinated the development of the region’s malaria strategic plans, including the current Plan of Action for Malaria Elimination 2016-2020; and founded in 2009 the partnership that launched the annual search for the Malaria Champion of the Americas, the region’s platform for documenting, promoting, and celebrating malaria best practices across countries. He presently coordinates the PAHO/WHO malaria efforts in support of the Malaria Zero Consortium that operates in Haiti and the Dominican Republic; the implementation of the Framework for Artemisinin Resistance Prevention, Containment, and Elimination among countries in the Guiana Shield; and activities pertaining to the prevention of malaria re-establishment in the Caribbean. A native of the Philippines, Dr. Escalada was a seasoned youth leader, college educator, community doctor, and steadfast advocate for capacity building among individuals, institutions, and communities, prior to his career in international public health. He obtained his degrees in the Behavioral Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) and Doctor of Medicine from the University of the Philippines. He also holds a diploma in Global Health from the Finnish Medical Association and a Master’s degree in International Policy and Practice from the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs.

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