William Pomat First Malaria World Congress 2018

William Pomat

William Pomat, Ph.D., is acting Director, Deputy Director of Science and Research, is honorary fellow at the Telethon Kids Institute in Perth, Western Australia, Adjunct Professor at UNSW-Kirby Institute and Adjunct Professor at James Cook University through Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine in Townsville. He gained Australian University postgraduate education through an MSc from University of New South Wales in 1997 and PhD at the University of Western Australia in 2011. His interest is in natural and vaccine induced immunity to infectious diseases, primarily to the pneumococcus, the main cause of pneumonia in children in Papua New Guinea. More recently he has been involved in malaria research through his involvement in operational research conducted by the Institute, as part of Trilateral Malaria Program between Papua New Guinea, China and Australia. His position provides oversight of research activities conducted by the Institute.

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