Rintis Noviyanti First Malaria World Congress 2018

Rintis Noviyanti

Rintis Noviyanti, BSc (Hons.), PhD is a Principal Investigator, Senior Research Fellow, and Unit Head at Malaria Pathogenesis Unit, the Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology (EIMB) in Jakarta, Indonesia. Dr Noviyanti’s research interests include understanding the host-parasite interaction, studying the genetic aspects of malaria parasites, and relating genomic information of the parasites with the host response. To support for this endeavor, Rintis has developed international link with research groups from many countries. In Indonesia, Rintis has been appointed as the head for Malaria Diagnostic and Vaccine Working Group through the Indonesian Life Science Forum since 2011. Rintis is part of the Vivax Working Group (VxWG) of the Asia-Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN). She is also involved in the international consortium for parasite genomic analysis under MalariaGEN. Through APMEN and MalariaGEN, the work carried out by Rintis’ laboratory and her colleagues worldwide was able to characterize the parasite population structure across Indonesia and amongst different isolates from many malaria endemic nations. In 2018, Rintis was awarded an FIT2 - WIPO Re:Search Sabbatical Fellowship to perform advanced malaria research at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI), Australia aiming to study antigenic targets for naturally acquired immunity to malaria.

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